I’m restarting small. And I’m nervous. And I’m excited. It’s the same energy I had 10 years ago when I left my not-very-creative-but-very-safe career to start over again, alone. And just like I did all those years ago, I’m going to show up in the fledgling stages and be seen ‘small’. And being honest, because I like seeing people be real and I want to show up with where I’m at.

I mentioned earlier this year that I was going to return to Weddings and I received such a lovely response! I was so excited, I’ve missed weddings so much. But then a misplaced footing on a beach earlier this year threw my back out and I was once again bedbound, staring at a ceiling (thankfully not a disc this time, but clearly I need to really work on my core strength!!) and all the memories came flooding back from before I had back surgery. The reality is, I am terrified of my back going and then letting someone down. It might sound irrational, but it’s really not to me. And its devastating because I loved it so much!

So I’ve been trying to work out what else I can do to continue to ‘live and breathe’ photography for my day job, without those lovely weddings. And I started wondering if it was as obvious (and terrifying…) as to start teaching photography somehow. I started planning a DSLR course, but hoping to create something a little different, less intimidating or ‘techy’. More intuitive, less ‘rules’ and more ’embracing the tools’ we have. I care very much about people not thinking they must have ‘all the things’ before they start out.

I also really wanted to focus on helping mothers who feel like they don’t have many photos they like with their kids, to do that for themselves. And then I decided, actually, people can start right where they are, with their phone cameras. I was accidentally being a gear-snob myself in thinking I could only teach photography ‘properly’ by working with those already invested in DSLR camera.

Photo taken on my iPhone SE of my daughters

But that’s not true. I know that’s not true. Sure, it would be hard to be a full time professional wedding or fashion or sports photographer with only an iPhone (although, I bet people are pushing the envelope…I bet they are!). But you can absolutely learn to take great photos using your phone camera. 

You can have a DSLR and not know what to do with it past auto, and you can have an iphone and understand light, composition and the tools at your disposal to take a great photo. In fact, this truth has lit a fire in me that feels very exciting. I am pushing myself every day to take better and better phone camera photos, and figure out how to pass that on in easy language in quick tutorials.

So that’s how I’m going to pivot now…by teaching people to take photos they can feel proud of on the camera everyone already has in their pocket. I am so beyond buzzing to even write this because it feels so expansive and ‘right’. To learn how to take fantastic photos on your phone is so empowering, and it might lead you to want to learn more or buy a DSLR or mirrorless camera at some point, but when you do so you’ll already understand the principles of photography that will level up your photos straight away.

Below are some recent pics I’ve taken on my lowly iPhone SE. If you feel like you’d like to take photos like this, I’d love to have you in the group! If you’re already taking pics to be proud of, then thank you for reading all of this anyway!! Find out more about my “Phoneography Club” (name slightly in progress…?) here.