One of the things that makes my heart super duper full, is when clients come back to me. It is a huge compliment, of course, but also just so beautiful to see people a year or two after their wedding, or their newborn shoot, or whatever capacity they first booked me, and catch up on what has been going on with them.

I photographed Marie and Tolo’s Wedding way back in Spring 2016, and was so delighted to hear from Marie when she was planning a surprise family shoot for her mother-in-law’s birthday this Summer. I haven’t spent enough time in Portishead despite having lived so lose for so many years, and it really is gorgeous. I was really excited to work with the beautiful backdrop of a pebble beach and sea views in the glorious sunshine and even more excited to see the wider family again including their wonderful first born son who I fell a little in love with on the wedding day and to finally meet their equally wonderful second born who is the image of his big bro!

It was also really lovely to see the wider family, Tolo’s parents and brothers and their own families, as I remembered all of them from the day and it was lovely to see everyone so happy and how the kids were all growing up and playing together! Even though I haven’t photographed any weddings now for two years (wow that has gone so fast!) I still feel so connected to all the wedding families that I got to work with over those years, and I think it just goes to show what a privilege it is to be a wedding photographer and make these connections with people.

Anyway, enough rambling on! It was glorious shoot, a beautiful day,  everybody was on great form and we got some really beautiful photos of the everyone in the family. I’ve selected a few faves to share below. Thank you for having me back guys! x


Portishead Family Shoot Portishead Family Shoot Portishead Family Shoot Portishead Family Shoot Portishead Family Photographer