Happy New Year! Wow, the years really do seem to go by faster and faster the older I get.

Given that I pretty much had to shut down my business for the majority of the year, this isn’t the same sort of highlight blog post as I have done before, but I wanted to share a few highlights either way because I am SO grateful that I’m doing this again, that my operation was a success and that I have my life back. That may sound dramatic but I know a few of you have been through the same thing and you know it really is that big a deal – you get your life back. Being able to carry my child, go for long walks, visit the cinema, sit through a meal with friends – the simplest things that had become impossible and agonising – are now such privileges to me and I hope I never lose this gratitude and clarity.

And being able to work as a photographer again has been wonderful. Its not been easy, I definitely need to work on my business in 2018 to try and things back to where they were and I may need to branch out into new areas, but that sounds exciting, and I do love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.ย One of the highlights of this year was trying out my first mini shoot session which went really well and will definitely become a seasonal fixture I think. And now I have a portable backdrop and lights I look forward to being able to bring much more to my newborn shoots in 2018.

Thank you to all of you who still follow my blog and my work despite me being pretty quiet this year, I look forward to working with some of you next year, and I hope 2018 brings an abundance of happiness, success and health to all of you. A few of may favourite photos from the years follow, a mix of personal and professional ๐Ÿ™‚

Natalie x