I was absolutely thrilled when one of my previous brides, the ridiculously beautiful (and utterly lovely) Katie, got in touch to tell me that she and her wonderful husband, Spencer, were expecting a baby this September. And I was even more thrilled when she asked me to take photos of the baby when she arrived! It’s always such an amazing experience to go back and see my couples again after a few years and meet their newborns! The weirdest thing is it doesn’t feel like any time has passed, it felt like I’d just seen Katie a few weeks ago.

And so, to baby Bella. Perfect name, as she is b.e.a.utiful. I was told she’d been wonderfully sleepy and snuggly all week, and so of course the day that I turned up with a camera she was wide awake and showed no signs on sleepiness at all! In fact, at one point I think she tried to roll over (she was seven days old!). She was quietly sussing me out, refusing to play ball and her big beautiful eyes were taking in everything around her. She was seriously cute.

Almost two hours later…she decided to fall asleep. And she looked sooooo amazing! We scattered some rose petals around her, and then curled her up in my little basket and popped the cutest hat on her! I could’ve stayed for another hour just posing her and photographing her and watching her (I know, a bit creepy, but seriously, just look at her!) but sadly our time was up.

I will never get bored of meeting and photographing these little miracles, and its particularly special when I captured their mum and dad making their vows as well. Thank you SO much for having me back Katie and Spencer, it was just amazing to see you all.

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