I’ve been waiting to share this wedding for a long time! It was the last wedding I photographed before having a self-imposed break to recover from my very painful disc herniation. I clicked so quickly with Rebecca and Will, within about ten minutes of meeting we were chatting like old friends, sharing life stories and getting very excited about all the wedding plans! I was really, REALLY excited to photograph their wedding, it was at The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury, a venue I looked at for my own wedding day (but was sadly fully booked) which is absolutely incredible, with beautiful gardens and a gorgeous interior, lovely staff – just a fabulous venue. I was also excited to work with such a wonderful couple, and really felt honoured that they had chosen me to capture their day.

I got to Rebecca’s parents’ beautiful home in Cheltenham in the morning and the pre-wedding fun was in full flow: bridesmaids in great spirits and matching robes, hair and make-up looking amazing, just a great atmosphere all round. We took some quick photos in the garden and then Rebecca got into her stunning dress and suddenly everything got very real! I think can all agree she looked absolutely incredible. At the Barn, Will was waiting with all the guests, again so much love in the room, old friends seeing each other for the first time in years, new babies being met for the first time ever, and of course the anticipation of seeing these lovely young people make their vows. When Rebecca walked in Will was just blown away. Grooms often look like kids on Christmas day when they see their brides walk in, its like their face literally cannot be any more alight with love. Always so beautiful to behold.

After the ceremony we had a seriously fun time taking group photos, some traditional, most of them not (always the best way!) and then I got to spend a little time with Becks and Will on their own in the beautiful grounds of the barn. As I’ve said many times before, the bride and groom shoot is really my favourite part of the weddings I shoot and I just love watching their connections and conversations. We were particularly lucky with the weather as this was September and that gorgeous low golden sun lasted for ages. I was able to get some lovely golden light photos and we played with silhouettes and when the sun set we took my flashgun outside and created some really lovely backlit night portraiture too. I always love to end a wedding with something special like that, so really glad we were able to squeeze it in.

That was a VERY long rambling intro, apologies, its been a while! Thank you SO much for having me Rebecca and Will, it was a truly beautiful day.


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