Ahh, getting all the feels from this shoot! I’ve known the gorgeous Ethan since he was ‘bump’ (I was convinced he was a ‘girl’ bump – just shows what a lot of tosh ‘guessing gender’ is!) and I met his beautiful mummy, Liz, at an NCT group back in August 2013. I still remember us all sat there, a little nervous, a little excited and totally clueless about what we were about to embark on! Nothing, and I mean nothing can prepare you for parenthood, but my goodness it makes things easier to go through it with other people. As a result, those other mums (and dads!) you go through those first gruelling few months with can become lasting friends, and I’m super lucky to still be in touch with my NCT mums more than three years on, and that they choose to invest in me as their photographer too.

Liz recently gave birth to her second child, the utterly amazing Evie, who has stolen all our hearts. I literally couldn’t stop smelling her when I met her, nothing beats that newborn baby smell! It’s magical! Not only is she cute as a button she’s such a peaceful little poppet – I’m sure Liz will laugh and say ‘yeah, until 3am!’ but I know she’s proud as punch of her lovely, content little girlie.

And Ethan suddenly seems so grown up! This little chap I remember photographing in the same room three years ago is now a fully fledged ‘big brother’, and the way he looks at his baby sister is enough to make the hardest of hearts well up! It was so lovely to get to spend a few hours with the whole family, just being who they are, going through the motions as a new family of four, adjusting to their latest member, making sure the firstborn is given the love and attention he needs as well as the baby, and somehow still looking fresh faced and beaming with smiles! I guess thats the crazy, stupid love you get from being a parent, no matter how tired you are, no matter how hard the day, a smile or a cuddle from your little one makes everything else disappear.

A real ‘at home’ documentary shoot with a fantastic family. Thanks so so much for having me back, Liz and Chris, and well done on making two such incredible children!

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